Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chicken and Vegetables in Coconut Curry Sauce

Chicken and Vegetables in Coconut Curry Sauce
You will need3-4 chicken breasts (whatever comes in 1 package) Or 1 package of Extra Firm Tofu for the vegitarians

1 green bell pepper (the original recipe called for red, but i only had green, although i'm going to try red next time because i think it would look so nice)
1 white onion
1 1/2 tsp minced garlic
1 pckg of white button mushrooms
1 pckg pea pods(feel free to add whatever vegies you like, i bet broccoli, cauliflower or anything crispy would be great!)
1 can chicken stock1 can lite coconut milk
olive oil to coat pan
1.5 tsp curry powder (or less if you dont like a strong flavor)
1 tbsp flour
1tsp corn starch - dissolved in a bit of water. (this is optional, but i dig cornstarch as a thickening agent to about everything i make :)
salt and pepper to taste
red pepper flakes are optional

Chop up all your veg's, except the pea pods.
Cut the chicken into bite size chunksSaute chicken, pepper, onion and garlic.When they are nearly done cooking sprinkle with the curry and flour, saute and additional 1 minute to let the flour cook off and add the mushrooms and pea pods and whatever other veg's you like.

Saute an additional minute and add the the chicken stock and coconut milk.
Add diluted corn starch.
Let it simmer for about 15 minutes and let the delicious aroma fill your home.
Serve over rice or rice noodles

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